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Toyota - Always a better way

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Tangerine's Sorbet

A lot juice shots, optex’s, cold sorbet, juicy tangerines. I love it!!!
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Balkan - made from food

Next beautiful landscape. 3 days preparation. Pool with water. Fish from vegetables. Dubrovnik from bread. Everything was made without the use of any artificial elements. Only FOOD. Enjoy.

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Italy from Vegetables

It was an amazing experience to build a Tuscan from…vegetables.

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Time for sweet. Wedel cream.



wedel zuza


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My Food Showreel 2016 as Director/DOP

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Natural Bread. Old Bakery :)

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Giovani Rana

Pleasant Italian time …
It was very nice to work with a team of Giovanni Rana. Only two ladies from Verona perfectly prepared Italian tortellini for shoot. I love close encounters with food … mostly in extreme camera close-ups…


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French Pastry

I like minimal!

I like the moment when everything around disappears…


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A few things in Stop motion :)


…good time with Bartek Kędzierski (animation guy)

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New in my Food Mood

Azjan way :)


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French taste in "food mood"

I want to invite you to my world.

My space…

Foodies time.



french taste

Kari "Winter Is Back"

I am very proud that our video was nominated for best cinematographer on YACH FILM FESTIVAL 2014 :)


Together with Badi we made a new Kari’s video, for beautiful song „Winter is Back”. Video was directed by Kasia Garstka and Tom Nedved. Expect many surrealistic images.

Enjoy :)



Drive with common sense. And nothing more...

The film won the award for cinematography (special technic) at the Festival KREATURA 2014

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I have a feeling that any moment when an accident happens, this moment is something incredible … something that takes a long time. Something like a FREEZ.

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National Geographic

Toughest jobs with Przemek Saleta.


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Dagadana "List do Ciebie"

A visit to Tokyo is like a trip to the moon… „List do ciebie” („A letter to you”) directed by Piotr Onopa is indeed like a walk in a cosmic amusement park. Janusz Różewicz’s subtle poetry clashes with the reality of a Japanese metropolis – full of flashing neon, vivid colors and fast-paced city life. This reality, well-known from Sophia Coppola’s movie „Lost in translation”, is presented from the point of view of young Japanese citizens.

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Marika "Risk Risk"

New video. We connect people :) Feel free…


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"The First Day of Summer"

„The First Day of Summer”

I have started shooting new feature film. That is sensual, multi-dimensional story.

The title refers to the famous Konwicki’s work „Last Day of Summer”, the one who had establish the Polish Film School.

Characters are lost, they attract and repel each other, trying to find a way out of this vicious place where they find themselves suddenely.

They want, and at the same time, they do not want to come back to their reality.

Long and good quiet time for me — in progress…


director: Krzysztof Liwiński

dop: Jacek Szymański

screenpaly: Elwira Kozłowska & Norah MacGettigan

movie patron: Tadeusz Konwicki

art supervision: Jan Kidawa-Błoński

cast. Cezary Pazura, Lesław Żurek, Jadwiga Gryn



pierwszy dzien lata_fotos

"Other World"

In June of 2013 was a Premiere a new documentary movie of Dorota Kedzierzawska and Artur Reinhart „Other World”, it was good time for me when we worked together with Artur and Dorota. Great persons, great Danuta, great movie…

„Other World” is a cinematic story about a world that no longer exists. Danuta Szaflarska is the narrator and guide through the history and culture that shaped her as a person.

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Good to know...

production. Fabryka Komunikacji Społecznej

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New commercial for NBP.

Pay by PayPass and watch out for hot coffee…

4 films, for four Chefs....Respect :)


Human Trafficking.

International Film Festival On Human Trafficking.

dir/dop. Jacek Szymański

What Is The Word?

I was finish a shooting for director’s debiut of Mariusz Marszal.

The story of film is related to the drama „Das wundervolle Zwischendig” German playwright Martin Heckmanns. It is story about the fate of Anne and Johan, who wants to rescue their relationship. They starts autobiographical film about himself…

Slowly, and many mastershots takes, gives this story theatrical atmosphere. No one here is not in a hurry: narrative of this story, the acting, and specialy camera movement.

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„What Is The Word?”

production: Panopticum Ltd.
cooproduction: Suhrkamp Verlag
directed by: Mariusz Marszal
dop: Jacek Szymanski
cast: Martin Laberenz, Natalie Hanslik, Sebatian Pawlak, Katarzyna Zawadzka, Timo Jacobson, Adriana Fernandez.



Kobra said me: „Most power is in ants. I saw them”.  If you dance with them, will be really intimate. Sooo crazy. Love it…


Dop/Dir. Jacek Szymański

Beautyshots for nymphs/angels :)

Great people from India, came to Alvernia studio, to works with polish crew at new Indian body lotion advertisement.

Director Vinod P. Vijay showed a wonderful, fantasy world, where nymphs, flying colored fruits, and many reflections of light made a good mood feeling.

Eggplant Salat

Thanks for everyone who had the same mood, the same fun, during the production of short movie „Eggplant Salat”, for first polish edition „48 hours Film Project”. Thanks jury, for their good movie taste, when they chose a Best Film and Best Actor for our film. :)

Next step – Filmapalooza Film Festival 2012 USA New Mexico – Best Polish movie


PREMIERE in USA 2 march 2012.

"W hotelowych korytarzach"

My last meeting with Patrycja Markowska, we looking for a good spirit for her new song „W hotelowych korytarzach”. We are found it in old manor house. Many inspiration of old scary movie… lights, camera movement, acting of our actors.

Ransom for Filmweb!

Transfer of ransom in harbor in New Jersey. Seventieth years. 11 years old blond girl, two ugly guys, her father…bag with money… Director Piotr Onopa, and I, searched a many places for this situation. Near to Warsaw certainly :) …we found it >> New Jersey in Warsaw.